Out with the old lemons and in with the new

My trusty RMK facial mist has been a loyal friend to me so I was bitterly disappointed when I got to the final spritz!

I tend to rely on facial sprays as I have dry skin in winter and these provide relief from central heating especially when I am wearing makeup. I also love using these in hot climes when it’s nice to refresh your face with a spritz of moisture.

The latter reason is why I ended up choosing the Lemon scented mists as they are so refreshing and uplifting. is fresh and light.

Up until now I have been using the SANA Hadanomy Collagen spray but it is a huge bulky utterly impractical thing to drag about on my adventures so when I spotted this on AlphabeautyUK’s eBay shop..I knew that it HAD TO ME MINE!

I actually prefer this Lemon Hadanomy Collagen mist. It smells great and it’s very slightly gel-like liquid texture really does provide a nice moisture boost which I am quite certain would suit every skin type.

Packaging is enormously important with facial sprays in my opinion. I prefer plastic for travel purposes. It is always more practical if they are quite small in size so they can fit comfortably in my handbag. Most importantly, it MUST be able to provide a fine and even mist when sprayed. This little heart shaped delight ticks all the boxes.