Muku Hair Salon Adventures

I played a game of bus dice last Friday. It was my attempt of bringing a spark to the hum drum dull day.

It went like this….

Whilst waiting for the bus, I chucked caution to the wind and rolled my dice.

IF the 76 bus arrived 1st, then I would go straight home and and find Hiro and co at the pub.


IF the 242 bus came 1st, then I would go to the new hairdressers on Shoreditch High Street (conveniently places between work and home) and get my head chopped of.

Friday’s fate took me to the hairdressers where I met the enchanting and super stylish Hiroko-san along my yellow brick dice rolling road to somewhere.

Hiroko is an extremely talented hairdresser who was attentive, very honest and helpful too. Not only did she give me the best cut I have ever had, but she went on to show me how to style my hair. She showed me what it would look like in it’s wavy state and provided helpful hints and tricks on how I can control my manic hair.

Muku hair is a hair salon that I would happily recommend to anyone that needs some hair attention. In fact, I look forward to exploring more adventurous hair possibilities with Hiroko and her team soon….watch this space!

Thank you Hiroko-san for your patience with my impossible hair. Thank you also to your colleague who had to sweep away all that hair. It looked like roadkill no?

Visit the Muku Hair Website here.

Photos by Hiro
Shirt is Hiro’s by Michiko Koshino
Hair by Hiroko, Salon Manager, Muku Hair Salon
Lipstick from D&G in “Scarlet” with RBR “Come here sweetie”.
Spectacles from Cradle Optical Taylors Japan

Muku Hair Salon
109 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6JN
0207 033 6520