It is at such preposterous hours that Hiro wants to go out to see the city.

So there he was at the Brandenburg Tor with all the other determined snappers hoping to capture something magical.


there I was, a hopeless somnambulist trying to communicate with a statue.

German architecture is imposing. It is grand, rigid, with plenty of clean lines and it may have taken many influences from the Grand Tour but all the same it is first and foremost…IMPOSING. They certainly knew how to make a pronounced statement.

At the pinnacle of the gate is the Roman goddess Victoria in her magnificent quadriga.

I stood and wondered what tales she would have to tell me. Though she was placed here in 1791, she was abducted and taken to Paris by that pesky Napoleon in 1806. In 1814 she was brought back to her home in Berlin where her olive wreath was replaced with an iron cross. She was badly damaged during WWII but has now been restored and from her lofty vantage point, she watches over people like me who wonder what she has seen.