The finer liner

I often get scoffed at for my uber skinny practically-not-there eyelining habit. While I am happy to be the only follower of this “trend” that I know, I am ever thankful to those Japanese brands that allow me make my fine line doodles as they are nearly impossible to get hold of in London. Among the many liners that I have tried, K-Palette are up there with my star products.

K-Palette Real Lasting Liner 24hr Liners.
If you have not tried the K-Palette eyeliners before then you do not know what you are missing. I have both the original version (above, black) and the micro version (above in blue).

Both these K-Palette liners are brush pen type liners which is my personally preference as they glide on effortlessly and give me more control over the application. They resemble Japanese calligraphy pens to me.

There is much to about these liners:
Both pens provide a consistent deep black line.
The claim is that these liners will hold fast for 24hrs. I cannot say that I have put this to the test but I can vouch that both pens have extreme lasting power and last well over 14 hours for me.
Both are waterproof.
The micro liner is super good at providing a skinny line and is currently my FINER LINER of choice.
Both liners last a long long time. They just go on and on for entire essays of eyelining duties. I am quite certain that I will have to chuck these before they die purely because of hygiene reasons.

There are very few negatives about the K-Palette liners for me. The main one will be that they are only available on line for us Londoners. However, you can get them from Ichibankao and Mihoko.

The K-Palette Website (In Japanese)