| Photo Diary | The Cotton Castle

Come, let us contemplate the sparkling magic of the Cotton Castle for a while.

Here, clear waters dance on white clay. The walls are coruscate in the sunlight.

From this great height, the daydream glides over a surreal landscape. Where natural baths spill their precious waters in giggles across my  feet…..As I edge my way along, I wonder whose ancient path I tread on.



Our adventure took us to the staggering terraces of Pamukkale, known also as “The Cotton Castle” in the local tongue. This natural phenomenon of dazzling white travertines is the creation of calcium carbonate deposits and thermal waters.

In the ancient world, Pamukkale was known as Hierapolis. Here the acropolis was established alongside the traverites in the 2nd century BC by the Pergam King Eumenes II. This fascinating complex was declared a World Heritage site in 1988.

Travel notes:

The journey from Fethiye took 3 hours each way in a comfortable small coach. It may seem too long for many but Pamukkale is the only place like this in the world so for us it was 100% worth the little road trip. The coach makes enough stops along the way to make you feel comfortable and there is a lot to take in, in terms of views on the journey.

When you get there, you will join crowds of people also drawn by the dazzling hill. You will find that the further you venture into the ‘cotton castle’ the fewer people around. Watch your step though. It’s very slippery!

I would reccommend booking your trip with Pioneer Travel the trip cost us £30.00 each and that included entry fees, a buffet breakfast and a delicious buffet lunch (drinks must be paid for seperately) which I thought was extremely good value.