Bourguignon du Marais

My favourite meal in Paris was a classic one.

I have a deep seated adoration for simple, hearty rustic food.

This Boeuf bourguignon was the most delicious that I have tried. The beef fell apart and melted into the mouth. The dish was so savoury and such a pleasure to dunk my bread rolls into.

Hiro had the confit de canard which was equally delicious.

Paris’ sprawling cafe culture is a thing of wonder to me. I like the romantic appeal of sat in the subdued retreating sunlight and watching the world walk (nothing rushes in Paris) past. Yet at the same time, the world stops and gawps at you too and while you are eating at that. Then there is the traffic….fancy a side order of car fumes with your dessert madame? Yes,

Clearly I don’t really get it!

Nevertheless you absolutely must visit this place if you happen to be in Paris:

Bourguignon du Marais

52 rue Francois Miron

75004 Paris