The Worshipblues wonderful box of wonderfilled delights

The minister of home affairs and madness and mayhem who resides under the table, in the drawing room of this ramshackle manor has made a decision.

Worshipblues shall host ONLY ONE almighty mahoosive smasher of a beauty giveaway a year, and, my dears we are approaching that time!

See this box?

It shall be filled, neigh, CRAMMED to busting point with interesting, wonderful and amazing beauty goodies. I shall not tell you exactly what is in there for the booty is still a-growin‘.

This will be an exercise in TRUST.
If you trust this old cow. If you want to win items from Japan, Korea or closer to home, then you need to throw your name in the hat for you will regret it at the unveiling!

The Rules that must be obeyed

  • Thou must be a follower of Worshipblues (also known as lovely residents)
  • Thou must be a follower of The Worshipblues Emporium (also known as lovers of the shiny fings)
  • Thou must leave a comment in the noodle bowl below and let me know your answer to this:

“Which is your favorite Worshipblues blog post ever?”

  • Thou must do all the above BEFORE the 15th of July 2011.

I will then reveal the prize shortly after the closing of the giveaway and will then announce the winner at the same time. Those who don’t give it a go can expect to feel a bit miffed at this point.

P.S If there are more than 50 entries then I will also up the stakes with a 2nd prize!

The game is afoot………………………………….