My blog would be blimmin wubbish without you!

I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have a husband that doesn’t mind traipsing after my insane, excitable, nonsensical behind to take photos for this blog.

He has always had an interest in photography that has only grown with his line of work. Yet, I admire his skills, even if it means that he is often more fascinated with light and shadow than me!

In my opinion his snapping skills are getting better and better and with each photo he seems to be able to capture the best of me. I do love him for that…oh, but don’t tell anyone coz I am not romantic at all.

(Hiro, I know you read my blog everyday! Don’t fall off your Eames chair or nuffink just because I am being a bit nice…I wont help you up! Yah hear? H.I.M bless you an’ ting)