If you said Paris……

…… then you are quite correct and I am very impressed!

I had never held Paris in the highest regard as far as cities go but this trip flung my opinion 180 degrees the right way. For the best part we avoided the tourist trail and we walked down the back alleys and paths least trodden for just as in London, there are treasures to be found.

Paris is an eternally beautiful city that is encrusted with grandeur and artistry. It has a funny old way way playing with your mind and making everything seem wonderful. Perhaps it is down to the laid back pace or the collection of prize quirks that seem to pop out at every corner, but it is a place that inspires and makes you ponder while you wander about it’s labyrinth.

I will whisper the stories that I collected here I hope to show you this city as I saw it – in a different light.