I remember you Carnival 2006

In my head when I hear the word “Carnival” there is only one that comes to mind and it aint in Rio or Trinny! It’s Notting Hill, nothing but Notting Hill.

Notting Hill carnival has it’s roots in 1964 and is the biggest street party in Europe. Led by those party, soca loving Trinidad and Tobago islanders it attracts millions of people every August.

I feel a bit daft saying that I am a bit of a carnival veteran but it’s so true! I have been dancing pon those streets almost every year since 1995. I am so old!

One of my most favourite carnivals was the one of 2006. It was rowdier back then and Hiro and I could always be found in the thick of it. Carnival time is always manic….it’s a raucous confusion of jerk chicken, jerk fish, rum, red stripe and sound systems back then it was LIVE!

I found these pictures on an old hard drive. These film photos were taken by my bro in law and they remind me of the good time. We ate so much that day, we drunk so much rum and we danced till out feet hurt.

We will probably be there this year. If you see me…come say hello! Let’s sip a plastic cup of rum, bust a likkle move and share the good vibes.