We Saw THAT Wall.

No more messing with your heads.

No more fun and games.

No more guessing!

I am sorry for my absence but we were taking in the sights of a city that not so long ago we would not have been able to amble about so freely in.

Worshipblues welcomes aboard our rickety old tour bus, hop on for our view of ……


I thought that the wall would be as good a place as any to kick off the Worshipblues tour. That infamous, bitter wound of a wall.

Once it tore a City in two. It was a vast and hated prison wall. The world watched as huge sections of the wall were torn asunder in November of 1989.

Today it stands as a reminder of the not so distant past and has been turned into the largest street gallery in Europe. These were our favourite sections of the Eastside Gallery.

Berlin is an interesting city with a fascinating history I look forward to sharing more thoughts and images with you soon.


Photos taken by Manfred Straße Fotografie GmbH

Shoes from Kurt Geiger

Leggings from Wolford

Oversized shirt from ACNE

Tuxedo Jacket from Warehouse

Lipstick is Russian Red with RBR Come Here Sweetie on top.

Camera Polaroid 1200

The East Side Gallery Website