Shouting from the rooftops.

Being a loud mouf by nature, I’d like to scream a little about some of my new blog finds. I like people that put some soul and sweat into what they do…whatever it maybe. I like people that follow their heart and imagination…forget what the conventional think!

These are true treasures and I hope that you will like them as much as I do:

Soapy Mermaid
This blog makes me smile with each visit. I look forward to her posts and I am never let down. It’s full of heart and is much like a magical picture book full of delights.

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC

I like Saya’s style. Her photos are fab and her backdrops very well considered. A great new way to showcase her Tokyo.


Because his blog makes me go “oooooooooooooooooooooooooh“.

Follow these blogs! You won’t regret it x