Pretty Things That Caught My Eye: The Plate Edition

It has been far too long since I have reported on the Pretty Things That Caught My Eye. I am rather design obsessed. Not so intently with clothing. Most certainly with product, furniture, lighting and architectural design.

Today I want to waffle on about plates! We all need them. Some cannot buy enough of them, others like to fling them in rage.Some people hand them on their walls and some cleaver sods…..even eat off them!

Here are some my favourites:

♦ Lepidoptera Maximus Platter ♦
A special collaboration between The New English and Maxim, le lead singer of the Prodigy. Made with the finest English bone china and 22k gold, only 500 of these are available worldwide.
Available from Lifesyle Bazaar.

♦ Alessi Colombina Plates ♦
When Alessi locked designs with Fuksas, I got all excited! I love the organic form and flawless surface of these plats so much that I bought a few myself.
Available from The Richmond Cookshop

♦ Räsymatto plate by Marimekko ♦
Finnish design catches my eye again. Classic and perfect for everyday.
Available from Skandium

♦ The Geffrye Museum by People Will Always Need Plates ♦
I own a few mugs by these People and I am always impressed with their high quality. I am a fan of line drawings of the architectural ilk and these are interesting items to collect.
Available from People Will Always Need Plates