Polaroid + The Squirrel

I was so happy when I scooped this old and slightly rusty Polaroid on EBay for a tenner in March! I have long fancied playing about with “peel-apart” or “packfilm” film ever since my boss mentioned it to me in a conversation yonks ago,

Polaroids are items of great beauty in my eyes. My camera is part of the EE-100 family and is Polaroid’s second generation of folding cameras. A clear advantage of this is that it takes both Type 100 and Type 80 packfilms.

Most people believe that all Polaroid films are extinct, however, film is still available for this camera and I have hoarded enough to keep me going for a while. Fuji packfilm works great with this!

The beauty does come at a cumbersome price. The camera has no in-built flash. It relies on flashcubes which are not easy to come by and most people will consider you a dinosaur when you ask about them. I love these little cubes of instant light. I can get 4 uses out of each one if I am lucky.

Dealing with the film isn’t an easy job either. I have to time the exposure depending on the temperature and then try my best to peel the thing without leaking processing fluid all over my mitts.

Yet I still love my Polaroid EE-100 so much. It gives me vast room for experimentation. There are few things more enjoyable that flicking through real satin finished photographs on my coffee table.