Koiwai Yotsuba だいすき!

Many of you will already know that I am currently battling to learn Japanese. Banging my brain against a ginormous book of verbs is no fun and neither is working through the text books.


There is a little girl who has made my Japanese “lessons” so much fun!

A HUGE thank you to Yumeko who introduced this adorable girl into my life. Japanese lessons have really come alive and I am learning so much more without even realising it.

Dear readers, Say “HELLO” to Yotsuba!!

Yotsuba is the main character of the popular manga series; “Yotsubato” which translates directly as “Yotsuba and…”

Yotsuba is a little girl with a huge personality. She is quite barmy yet inquisitive and energetic and her imagination is refreshing. She is generally carefree and takes much delight in the simple things in life in which her observations are often hilarious. (Sounds familar ne Yumeko-san?). Yotsuba “can find happiness in anything. Nothing in this world can get her down.”

Yotsuba likes cows (much to my delight), milk, ice cream, cicadas.

I have been trying with the might of an ant lifting a rock to read these in Japanese and although the pictures do help, I am happy to say that I can read a lot of it myself….with the help of Hiro, my iPhone dictionary and Chie-san.

Here is my collection thus far beautifully modelled by Totoro!

I recently took Yotsuba to Hackney Downs with us. She loved it! She was very curious about things like the tower blocks and the funny smelling cigarettes that the kids were smoking.

She was confused by terms such as “init”, “blud” and “wah gwan”.

But luckily she had Danbo there to chill with,

One of my favourite stories in the series was when she met Danbo. Danbo is actually her neighbour’s friend in disguise but sssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh don’t tell Yotsuba.

Thank you Yotsuba-chan for making Japanese so much more fun than the text book! I want to be “muteki” (fearless/unrivalled) just like you.