Jill Stuart Amazonite Dazzle

Jill Stuart shadows have been hugely disappointing for me. I have spent my money to only receive a shadow with chunky glitter with hideous fall out issues. For yonks I have been put off purchasing ANYTHING until I spied the Dream Garden Collection. This collection was created exclusively for Hong Kong and Taiwan so when a friend offered to send me one….I thought that it was time to give Jill Stuart another go.

Jill Stuart still charms with her princess like packaging.

But it is what’s inside that counts:

Jill Stuart Amazonite Dazzle

I love the bold earthy shades presented in this palette.

Here is a closer look:


Packing a punch with the pigment! I am so thrilled that this palette isn’t wishy washy like some I have owned from the JS stable. There is a marked improvement on the glitter front too. The particles and smaller and much more refined.

Quick EOTD using the palette:

I used the khaki shade (second from left on the palette).

Overall I am so glad that I have this. I don’t have a palette that is in anyway similar to this and so it is a unique addition to my collection. I do love good deep green colours even if I am not 100% certain that they suit me.