The Wobbling BB

I recently made a few purchases on Gmarket. I am close to scraping the barrel on my current BB creams and getting caught short is NOT something that I could bear to face!

I was rather excited about trying a BB cream from the relatively new brand “Holika Holika”. Holika Holika is an off shoot from the Korean Enprani brand that seems to be growing in popularity.

Today I am reviewing the Aqua Petit Jelly BB in shade #01.

I was drawn to this BB as it is purported to contain 70% “healthy aqua” and a moisturising jelly like texture that will clarify and retain moisture on skin.

The jelly mould packaging makes this looks like it is edible!

It really does have a jelly like texture and as is often the case with Korean BB creams, it is fragranced. Not to worry the fragrance is fresh and light and I ceased to notice it shortly after application.

What I Like about the Aqua Petit Jelly BB

  • Sun protection SPF20 PA++
  • The light texture is lovely to apply and feels great on the skin I think this will be better appreciated in summer and in warmer more humid climates.
  • This BB cream does not oxidise.
  • Purse friendly, I paid approx £7.50 for this.

What I don’t like about the Aqua Petit Jelly BB

  • I do not find this to be particularly moisturising as it dries down to a powdery matte finish.
  • If you have dry skin like me, you will need to use a moisturising primer prior to application as this will accentuate dry patches.
  • Only available in 2 shades and both are rather light.
  • I am not mad about the packaging, but am glad that there is a spatula included for a more hygienic application.

Most UNHELPFUL, I know, BUT I am still sat on the fence and umming and ahhhing about this BB Jelly. There is a lot to like yet at the same time it does not come without a few hitches. I usually am a big fan of light textured BB creams but this is so very light in coverage that I am not sure that it is worth applying at all.

Being a pragmatic girl at heart, it did occur to me that I could try to use this as a base. However, the powdery finish it leaves on my skin throws that idea right out of the window.

Alas! I wonder where I went wrong with this!

So many others fave about this product yet I find it lacking in too many ways. If you are looking for a light textured, light feeling BB cream for summer, then I would much rather reccommend the Kiss Me Sunkiller BB SPF50 PA+++. I mention this here.