The Trolley Stop Postie Goes to the Park

I wore green. Full on unmistakable green green for the 1st time in my life on Saturday.

I like the facade of this run down pub. Something about the broken glass. We met a funny old lady here. She had a radio tied about her neck with a piece of string. She was listening to the traffic news as she marched up and down the path.

Next we came across a postman’s trolly tied to a lamp post. I couldn’t resist playing postie.

Onwards we strolled to Shoreditch Park for a spot of people watching and sun lounging.


I met some new friends on the way back home…

They were a silent but determined bunch!

Photos taken by Pon in Hackney
Gold sandals from ASOS
Paperbag Chambray trousers from Warehouse
Green leotard from Ebay