My Kingdom For Shiny Frizz Free Hair!

I am constantly battle with the frizziness of my hair. It irritates me immensely and I have for as long as I can remember, been fighting a loosing battle.

Not only does it make my hair look drier than it actually is, but, much to my dismay, it also makes my hair rather matte. No lady wants matte hair. It’s all about the shine!

I recently stumbled across the DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil, and without much expectation bought from the website.

I find that here in the UK, DHC is an often overlooked Japanese brand. I haven’t a clue why. They have some reliable and trusty products that are affordable and of fine quality.

Anyway, back to the hair oil!

This is actually more of a light serum in my opinion. It has a light herbal/floral fragrance that is neither cloying nor obtrusive, and the serum seeps seamless into my just washed towel dried hair. It doesn’t perform any miracles in banishing my frizz BUT it does make my hair tangle-free and thus much easier and indeed less painful to brush. It also adds a nice sheen without making my hair greasy.

The DHC After Bath Hair Oil is packaged in a cute plastic pump bottle. It cost me £12.50 for 100ml and I use 2 pumps each time.
See here for more information on this product.

It’s worth having a nose around the DHC UK website: DHC UK
In the 3 or 4 times that I have ordered from them, I have found their postage to be fast and reliable. I also like the way that they offer a choice of samples with each order placed.

Now the, before I get some smart alec asking about my “Kingom”, You ought to know that it is an imaginary place, where smart alecs don’t exist.