Paw Hands

Alas! It is no exaggeration that I would and will indeed scour the world to find a good hand cream.

I have an “issue” with washing my hands. I do it more that I probably need to. Also, I make things so I am regularly fighting with pliers and bit of metal, glass and plastic. My hands take a mighty hard bashing!

I have recently started to don gloves when I give our home a regular blitzing. That has helped a bit but nothing can beat a good hand cream.

I am currently using L’Occitane’s Fleur de Cerisier Hand Cream

I keep this in my bag and use it primarily at work.

I like the light floral fragrance. I find it uplifting in the office.I also like the non greasy texture and the way that it penetrates into parched hands quick and easy so I don’t leave ghastly grease marks on my paperwork.


It is not enough! Although there is a visible improvement to my hands after application, they still feel “tight” and dry and the effect soon wears off.

I am glad that L’Occitane do travel sized hand creams as they are so much nicer to cart around on my daily to and fros.

This cost me £7.50 for 30ml and is available here.