I’ll be down by the river…..

We are thoroughly blessed with amazing friends. They are all saints. And now that I really think about it; they all very in degrees of eccentricity yet are eccentric nonetheless.

Friday saw a rather impromptu landing at our friend’s riverside residence for much lolling about in the sun. We drank, ate, drank some more and laughed our way through the day.

I always learn so much from our fab hosts. On this occasion I discovered that it is rather easy to make your own charcoal. That boats are astoundingly expensive (even the flimsy looking ones); and that Charlize Theron really is that stunning in real life.

What a gorgeous way to kick off our Easter break.
pure joy spending all this time with the husband. We both work long hours in normal life and so such moments have become ever more precious.

Thank you “P”, “H” and “5” for the good times.