I Did Say That I Was Hungry

I didn’t have time for breakfast on my last day in Cape Town. I woke up late, ran to the conference, killed my legs by standing for 6 hours and talked myself hoarse by trying to explain all sorts of things that I don’t 100% understand.

By the time I made it back to the hotel I was beyond famished!

I stumbled, tummy growling into the empty hotel dining room and there I met the lovely cook.

She was a proper African mamma. “Traditionally built” with hips swaying this way and that way as she wiped down the tables.

“Good day Mma!” said I. “I am so hungry, so very hungry! Am I too late for lunch?”

She looked and me and beamed;

“Oooooooh Mma! You look like you need some fattening up! Sit down and I will make you the best sandwich that you have ever had. “

About 30 mins later, and looking very proud, she came out with this:

The “sandwich” was made with:

4 slices of bacon
1 beef burger
Thick slices of tomato

A fried egg

AND she even made me some chips!

I was stuffed!!!!