Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes

Kose recently launched the re-branded Esprique collection and I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on on of their rather sleek eyeshadow quads.

Blend Dimensional Eyes: A4

The case is a diamond patterned plastic “finger print” magnet.

This is a gorgeous neutral palette in my opinion. It is of the shimmery ilk but the shimmer does not impart chunks of glitter. It’s more of a pearly/metallic finish that applies wonderfully.

These are just the kind of colours that I will enjoy using up. They are buttery soft and long lasting on the eye. From left to right above: Brown with taupe shimmer. Taupe with champagne shimmer. Light pink shimmer highlight shade. Golden peach highlight shade. This is such a wonderful shade that will suit me best on holiday.

My verdict is that this is probably not worth rushing out to buy. The Esprique Blend Dimensional shadow range has nothing spectacular to offer in terms of colour combinations. While I am glad that I have the A4 palette, I can imagine that most of these shades are easily duped. I am far more interested in trying their brilliant looking creme blush sticks.

Esprique website