A Blush Too Pretty To Use.

…….For now at least.

I have got my paws on a Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish (wot a flippin‘ mouthful) blush:

Forgive me for I am still swooning over it’s obvious loveliness.

I am a bad blogger because I cannot do anything other than flaunt my pics as I cannot bring myself to tamper with it for swatches…YET!

I hanker over brighter shimmery blushes at this time of year. They are always such a pleasure to use on summer holiday evenings when I have have a little more colour to my skin tone and a lot more cause to doll myself up!

Rest assured you will be seeing a lot of looks with this baby as the sun continues to shine (fingers crossed with super glue).

This is available on A pop of kawaii, Mihoko and Adambeauty