My Friend the Shoemaker

*Sparks are flying about my brain at the moment*

Yes, I have ANOTHER new feature to try out with you. I want to introduce some “Friends of Worshipblues” to you all. Talented, noble visionaries that I have a good vibe in my bones about. Are you up for meeting some new brilliance? I sure do hope so!

I have a friend who has a great talent for making shoes. He makes them by hand in a workshop in downtown Tokyo. One day, I would like to ask him to make me a fine pair too.

We met Yudai through a dear friend and Hiro and I were blown away by his distinctively cool (I don’t use that word lightly) mien.

Yudai tells me that his design principles are based on:

between Classic and Modern
from Classic to Modern
from Modern to Classic”

I look forward to seeing many more fabulous things coming from his “INI” studio.

Keep an eye on him here.

Photos were taken by “Mappa”