Marine Bath

Wallowing in a bath at the end of the day is a supreme joy.

I shrug my shoulders at Bubble baths. I have cast aside bath oils. These days bath powders are my prefered bathing additives and while I have many favourites, I am delighted with this recent find.

I admit that I rather like the simple graphics on this cardboard tub of bathing salts, however, it is terribly inpractical to have this in the bathroom. No one likes soggy cardboard!

Oh, but wait a moment……..

The bath salts are actually packaged in a clear plastic bag within the carboard tube which I suppose is a pragmatic yet basic solution.

The salts themselves are great! They smell clean in a powdery, seashore type way. It provides a calm and soothing bathtime treat and leaves the skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

Muji is a no frills minimalist brand that lays emphasis on recycling and being eco kind so these salts tick all the boxes and in the usual Muji way, provides good quality for little cost.

£5.95 for 300grams is a good buy in my opinion.

Available here.