“Come Here Sweetie”

I cleared out some old make up.

I was ruthless in my purging!

I got the niggles about those PAO, or “period after opening” dates on my cosmetics. I know that many ladies are super persnickety about this type of thing and believe these PAO dates to be insufficient. I personally trust that they are a good but ROUGH indicator as to when I should start to think of binning some bits. Like with everything in life, it’s best to exercise some common sense.

So with some old reliables being evicted I wanted to find a selection of new favorites. And so it is that I have been making a few purchases lately and my 1st point of call was Zuneta.

♥ Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lipgloss in “Come Here Sweetie” ♥

I have never had a red gloss. I have always fancied one. I figured that it would be a toned down juicier type of lippy so when I saw Rouge Bunny Rouge’s “Come Here Sweetie”, I thought…………….INDEEDY!

This is described perfectly on the RBR website as a ” Sheer pure red, glistening with fine silver pearls”.

The good thing about this gloss is that I am able to opt for a little lick of colour or layer it on for a bit more “WOWSER”.

This is the second RBR gloss that I have and I enjoy wearing and using this just as much as the “Relish of Heaven” gloss that I previewed here.

I find RBR Gleaming Temptations glosses to be nicely moisturising. Both shades that I have tried have given me about 2-3 hours wear before the need to re-apply.

RBR Gleaming Temptations Glosses are available here.