Boadicea The Victorious

“Through the morning mist, the blast of a horn heralds the start of battle. The leader of the troops is a powerful warrior queen, golden torques twisted about her neck. Her tawny hair flies in the wind as her chariot rumbles forth, and, sword raised, she lifts her voice in a battle cry to muster her army. Her courage is unflinching.

Stirring stuff isn’t it?

Thus is the reason that I jumped at the opportunity to sample and test these fragrances from the lovely people at Boadicea The Victorious.

BTV is a luxury brand of fragrances with a proud British heritage. They not only specialise in personal fragrance but also create candles and other home fragrance items.

The stand out fragrance for me is the “Energiser” Eau de Parfum.

Without doubt, this is my favourite BTV offering.

It’s clean, zingy and citrus wonderfulness certainly is an uplifting and dare I say it, “energising” experience. This is most definitely a unisex fragrance and a wise choice for spring and summer.

The citrus and vetyver composition is a strong hint at Japanese yuzu and so it brings backs cherished memories for me and Hiro and I heartily recommend you giving this a good sniff if you come across it.

I am big on candles and this has now made it’s way to my shopping list as I’d wager that that would be fantastic to use after one of Hiro’s curry making sessions. A splendid way to freshen the air.

Boadicea The Victorious can be found online, or in Selfridges or Harrods.

Please do stop by their website here.