It has been a tumultuous morning.

After hearing of the disastrous events in Japan this morning, my heart, heavy with worry, sank for all our loved ones in Tokyo and indeed everyone affected by this in Japan.

I am relieved to report that thus far all our family and friends who are largely Tokyo based are safe and well. Those closest to the centre of the city are shaken but are taking comfort that they have not faced any personal harm.

I would like to say that I have been deeply moved by the concern of my readers and fellow tweeters for our family and friends. Thank you for your thoughts, emails and messages. It means so much to me.

It is distressing to be so far away from our loved ones and so our hands are tied in any eventuality so my heart goes out to all the hundreds of Japanese abroad who are in anguish over those back home.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this disaster and the tremendous devastation that it is leaving in its wake.