There is Something About CHANEL..

That makes me shatter my purse strings and empty my wallet on their counter.

That said, I must admit that for many many a year Chanel Beauty lost it’s appeal for me. Nothing caught my eye or the least bit of my imagination.

But then….


It’s the pearls what got me.

♥Black Pearl♥

♥Pearl Drop♥

I love both colours equally but for entirely different occasions. Right now the Black Pearl is my companion but I’d wager that when summer hits….my attention will linger on Pearl Drop.


Now chuck out that NARS Orgasm and add this to your collection. It is by far a more sophisticated blush in more ways that one.

A delicious looking peach with a subtle golden light to it, what is NOT to like?

Well done Chanel! This is by far my most favourite collection of yours to date.