The Reluctant Eavesdropper

Travelling on public transport in London has turned me into an eavesdropper and I seem to have very little choice in the matter.

I try my utmost to block out the snippets I hear about the lives of others.


Everywhere I go, there are people chatting away about anything and everything on their phones and since I don’t always care to plug myself into my trusty mp3……I feel forced to listen in.

I hear all sorts of things, tales of woe and fragility, bitching about that “awful woman at work”, plans for the weekends and even fully blown quarrels with parents and other halves. People don’t seem to feel embarrassed about discussing anything with the entire bus!

I don’t know about you, but I am generally rather sparse with telephone conversations. Perhaps I am too old fashioned and prefer to have my more personal conversations in person or at least in more appropriate surroundings?

That said………here I am blogging away! I am sure people will have something to say about that too.

Bla bla bla