Rain : African Spa

I am letting you in on a little secret here. Each time I travel to South Africa, I ALWAYS visit the RAIN shop in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront mall.

Are makers and purveyors of some innovative and refreshingly different handmade bath and body products. Their products are made using the most natural processes attainable, using ingredients of African origin that have been sourced responsibly and by local crafts people.

I usually make a bee line for their soaps and their bath deli counter where you can pick and mix your bathing condiments as you please.

♥ Baobab & Olive Soap ♥

This soap smells wonderful and it’s 100% natural. No chemical nasties.

♥ Angel Dust

A fine textured, truly soothing and glamorously scented bath powder that is made with frankincense and myrrh. I really enjoyed using this bath powder, however, even though the glitter bits in this are very fine and sparse (compared to LUSH) I am not a fan of shimmering particles in my tub. This would have been so much better without it.

♥ Rock Mint Salts ♥

This is a firm favourite of mine. I am a devout fan of all things minty fresh and these salts are invigorating in warm weather and also great to use during winter to beat off those winter chills and sniffles.

Don’t be alarmed by the rough textured appearance. The salt crystals dissolve easily in the tub and release a potent fragrance. These salts are made with peppermint, spearmint, mulberry and a bit of coriander. Thankfully I cannot smell the coriander.

The Rain shop is clean and does not stink to high heaven. So unlike Lush, I can walk in and not be suddenly seized by sneezing fits.

Do take a look at their “Herbarium” they make use of some wonderful ingredients. See here!

While it is difficult to find Rain goodies here in UK I have found a European online shop that sells a limited range of their goods. See here!

It is easier to source the products that I mention above in the USA. See here!