The Most Marvellous Meal

On Saturday Hiro and I made a delicious discovery.

We had a little tatami room to ourselves and we dined izakaya style.

We did not order from the standard menu. Standard menu’s in London Japanese restaurants have an awful way of remaining static and do not adapt to the seasons as Japanese cuisine traditionally always should. Instead, we ordered from the Japanese menu.

We had sashimi moriawase. The chutoro was especially nice. Just as in Japan, the chef added his own (off menu) recommendations for us.

Delicious nama kaki ponzu (fresh oysters in ponzu). My favourite way to eat oysters from now.

Tender melt in the mouth buta kakuni (Japanese braised pork belly).

Hiyashi shirasu horenso (chilled spinach with baby sardines).

Battera sushi (marinated mackerel with a thin film of konbu). We tried this as all the Japanese papers highly recommend the dish. It was incredible!

Iroiro kinoko no bata yaki (assorted mushrooms fried in butter). I ♥ mushrooms cooked this way.

Agedashi tofu.

Hiro remarked, that this was the best Japanese meal that he has had in London in the 17 years that he has lived here.

I might tell you where this place is one day.

*evil laugh*