Bottled Gold : Guerlain L’OR Radiance Concentrate

I was a bit naughty at Duty Free. I am blaming my fellow Tweeters for encouraging me on my rampage through the aisles.

I picked up a bottle of Guerlain’s “gold in a bottle” as I am not calling it for L’OR Radiance Concentrate is far too long winded. I decided to buy this as it is something that I have been ever curious about and it had a whopping discount.

Before I blab, I would like it to be known that I have never been a believer in primers. I always thought that it was a crafty plan to get more money out of us gullible shoppers. However, this really is marvellous stuff.

♥ What I like ♥
Oh! Aren’t those gold flecks pretty? When applied, they disperse to impart a complexion smoothing lustre which I really needed during the unforgiving complexion exposing sunlight and those long days in Cape Town.

I like the products gel texture as it makes it easy to apply and it feels fresh on the face.

I apply this after my moisturiser but before my usual BB cream or tinted moisturiser and found that it enhances the look and feel of my make up.

This gold in a bottle helps my make up glide on smoothly and it holds it in place pretty much all day without leaving me with dry patches. This primer served me very well during my 8.00am – days and so I am really pleased with myself for buying it.

♦ What I don’t Like ♦
The price tag! I think this is why I possibly would not repurchase the product before at least trying to find something more reasonable that works just as well.

The packaging is rather swish isn’t it? Yet as luxurious as a glass bottle is, it is rather cumbersome for traveling with and that is probably when I would use this the most.

It does feel rather sticky when you first apply the primer but it does dry down after a few minutes. Perhaps this is not great for rushed days.

I am sorry that I have not been keeping up with my reviews! Thank you to all you wonderful readers who have gently nudged me back into action.