Zeus Abuse

What am I reading at the moment?

I cannot seem to tire of those old Greek myths. Not being the brightest spark in the cosmos, all I can do is devour the fables and ponder a while at their connotations and ambiguities.

Ovid’s masterful seamless weaving of well known legends have inspired so many “greats” in his wake.

One thing I have recognised is that Zeus is a dirty old deviant with his plethora of disguises and crimes enough to make the most seasoned detective constable’s tummy whirlpool in disgust. I find the tale of Ganymede especially distressing.

If I were to bump into him, I would run for sanctuary BUT not before singing to him in my bestest Nina Simone voice, (that unfortunatley sounds more like Kermit the Frog):

You’re nothing but a dirty dirty old man
You do your thinking with a one track mind
Keep talking ’bout heaven’s glory
But on your face is a different story

Clean up your act, your story’s getting dusty
Wash out your mouth, your lies are getting rusty