The Pink Pucker : ADDICTION “Baby”

Today I would like to take over your screens with one of my favourite pink lippies.

Pucker up for a screen smoochie:

ADDICTION in ♥ Baby ♥

ADDICTION is a fantastic Japanese brand that I have grown to love more and more with each new item that I try. I bought this lipstick during my last trip to Japan but only started using recently.

Baby is one of their sheer type lipsticks and as a result it is rather waxy. The colour the colour isn’t wildly pigmented upon my lips which I really like as it imparts a very girly glow.

As a general rule, I prefer my everyday pinks to be more muted pretty pinks and my party pinks to be more um…..SHOCKING!

You can get this from Ichibankao or Mihoko Shop.

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