The Pertinacious Packaging Pack Rat

That’s code (not very good code at that), for Me!

So committed am I in my contrived necessity to collect things enclosed in packaging that appeals to my eyes, that I will grab anything so long as it is “pretty” or “striking” in some way.

Well aren’t I the shallow one!

My most recent MUST HAVE GIMME IT NOW was a tin of mustard powder. The colour is so spot on. I would love some garment in this shade.

Then there was the wonderfully scented grapefruit soap stick (disguised as a glue stick) that I received as a CP from A Pop of Kawaii:

And I cannot miss out my P&J lippy:

Paul & Joe continue to pour out stunningly packaged items.

I do wish that they would extend their range into fabrics that I could buy to make fings with. Wouldn’t that be charming! They could even do a little collaboration with those bright sparks…..ooooooooooooooooh!

I think I will continue to collect prettily packaged things. It’s gone past being just an obsession. It’s a lifestyle.