Invisi-legs in Hiro’s Cardi and My Lovely Belt.

I feel a profound comfort when I wear Hiro’s clothes.

Perhaps it is because they feel magically much warmer than mine and the scent is reassuringly familiar.

I especially love his cardigans.

I am so glad that we are not so different in stature so that I can often borrow his clothes.

This particular cardigan is by Present London who have a great men’s wear boutique at 140 Shoreditch High Street. It is made with extra fine Merino Wool in Scotland.

Hiro bought it because he L♥ves bursts of bright colours. It is a garment of true high quality.

Hiro doesn’t really like me making him my poster boy so I have decided to pull out some choice items from his wardrobe and model them myself. What do you make of that?

As always, my tights are from Tabio. My sister bought me these over a year ago and they are still crisp! I especially like these white tights as they make my legs look almost not there.

Now about my lovely belt! I love it!! It is leather with brass fittings and bought it Topshop last year.

I want to wear it with EVERYTHING!


Hiro’s Cardigan came from Present London
My leather belt is from Topshop
My black linen shorts are from Oasis
My white tights are from Tabio
I am wearing Hiro’s glasses and they are from Cradle Optical Taylors Japan.
Nails are painted with StrangeBeautiful nail colour
Lipstick is from ADDICTION in Baby.
Hiro took the photos.