I Made This Skirt!

I have long fancied the idea of making my own clothes yet remained daunted by the notion of actually doing so. Then, I read about Rosie Martin and her brilliant DIY Couture manuals in the Hackney Citizen and thought that it was high time that I made SOMETHING to wear.

Rosie’s manuals are well produced, concise and really easy to follow.

I really get the feeling that she is trying to get me to get stuck into the design and creation process of this skirt and I really enjoyed the experience.

The manual also shows you how to vary your skirt and so also encourages you to think outside the box a little…I am also up for stamping a bit of individuality on my garments.

After deciding on my fabric and measuring myself up…..I dusted off my sewing machine and got to fiddling with my pleats.

And here is the finished article:

I don’t want to come across overbearingly proud BUT I am soooooo happy with the results of my very first attempt at making a skirt!!

I am glowing with a sense of achievement and satisfaction that it worked out. To think that this required 4 rectangles of fabric and a little concentration makes me ever more glad that I came across DIY Couture.

I am also happy with the fabric that I found and love the idea of bias binding the hem.

Thank you Rosie for your excellent manual and your attentive customer service.

I shall be trying my hand at a another skirt in the next coming weeks but am also greatly looking forward to the DIY Couture “How to make a Straight Skirt” and “How to Make a Pair of Trousers”.

How to Make a Pleated Skirt Manual from DIY Couture
Photos by Hiro
Tights from Tabio
Necklace from Nonesuchthings
Fabric and bias binding from Dalston Mill Fabrics

I am so lucky to live 2 minutes away from here. The staff are brilliant and their selection of dressmaking fabic and buttons is enormous.