Burn Time: Roseros

Diptyque candles, though expensive, are my guilty pleasure.

Languid evenings, a flickering flame and elegant fragrance whilst reading a good book or a watching an engaging film is my favourite way to wind down.

Baies Noir is striking and smells of Roses and blackcurrant leaves. This is neither overly floral nor is it too sweet. Instead it is rather surprisingly clean scent.

Diptyque has recently released “Roseros“, a limited edition duo for Valentines Day in collaboration with Kuntzel + Deygas. I was drawn to the illustrations on the boxes. The stylistic depiction of the time old tale of Beauty and her Beast captured my imagination.

The Eros Candle, represented by the Beast is a wild rose infused with benzoin, cedarwood and sandalwood. This is my favourite of the couple.

The Rose Candle is a sweet and feminine romantic garden rose.

As with all Diptyque candles, these burn very cleanly and evenly.