Tocca’s Miracle

Fear not! I am not about to saunter down an olfactory expedition to dabble with base notes or whatever they may be!

I just wanted to mention that this is a mighty fine bottle that lays tribute to those wonderful old fashioned bottles of days gone by.

Giulietta by Tocca was a gift to me and thus it is not the type of fragrance that I would normally select for myself. However, this is precisely why I like it so. It is a comforting and feminine scent that is rather consoling in the winter.

I love the bottle. It bares much detail.

The box holds a little love note within it’s folds.

Do you have a favourite scent or one that you would like to get hold of?
Right now, I am lusting over Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver. I know it’s for men, I want it anyway.