It’s an AUBERGINE!!!

I really enjoy Turkish food. I like its unfussy unpretentious simplicity and their appreciation for charcoal grilling.

We recently went to Bavo on Southgate Road. This is quite a departure from our usual Turkish haunts as we normally stick to a couple on Green Lanes or Kingsland Road.

How does it fair?

We shared a grilled stuffed aubergine starter. It was really yummy and cooked to a nice squishy juicy pulp, a delicious accompaniment to our bread.

The London Japanese contingent consider the Turkish to be the “Kings of Bread”, they are not wrong! The bread in Bavo was good, very good in fact but I must admit that I have had better on Kingsland Road. Perhaps this is down to my love of butter and charcoal?

I had Moussaka. I haven’t as yet had a good Moussaka in London so I was not holding my breath. To my delight, it was really delicious.

Hiro had Chicken Shish which as also good but if I am really honest, it was nothing outstanding and the portion was on the stingier side. The rice, however, was so well cooked that I actually ate all of mine with out moaning; a rare occurrence in deed!

All in all it is a great place and it was a pleasant experience Bavo really does it’s best to bring what one normally associates with Turkish dining to a new level. Although I think that I will stick to my usual haunts, I will certainly bring friends who are fussier about the look of a place here.

105 -107 Southgate Road
N1 3JS

*************** UPDATE*************************

I have updated my Workshop Page to include a little Clip Frame Purse tutorial. I am a novice when it comes to sewing so please bare that in mind.