“Dreamy Days…………

Come what may,
We feel no way,
There’s gonna be fun and lots of laughter.
Roots Manuva

I am having a well earned break from work and the rest. I am blaming my stupor upon over indulgence, a bout of influenza and general over-tiredness.

I miss blogging so I bid you welcome to bits of my Christmas in wide screen like chippity chop photoshopish ness.

My poison has a name: Hendricks and Firetree with cucumber. Preferred by 1 in 1000, apparently.

Clementines are juicy specials at this time of year.

It is tradition to kick off Christmas morning with poached eggs and smoked salmon. This year, we found this rather delectable peat smoked salmon which was delicious.

The brother in law made some tasty pork buns. I need to get his recipe to try these ourselves.

We watched some fantastic flicks.

We went for a walk and Hiro spotted a lonely little fellow perched high up upon the back of a road sign.

We set a fire and grilled scallops amongst many other delights.

We reminisced over our past Christmases for this was our 7th together. Oh and not the pretty card chandelier? The dear and most wonderful Sakuras and Sunshine made it for me.

I hope you have all made some wonderful memories!

Oh and I have not forgotten about my giveaway! The winner will be announced in the next fews days.