The Best of 2010 Round Up: Skincare Edition

Skincare is something that I had started to take more seriously in the past couple of years. I have tried a mighty plethora of lotions and supposedly magically potions but what I have ascertained that it is best to keep it simple and to stick with what works rather than making a lab rat of myself.

Here are my 2010 favourites:

The Loveliest Lotion

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Lotion.
This is my HG lotion. It is light but emollient and refreshing and the best skin prep I have used yet. I bought mine from House of Fraser UK.

The God Send Moisturiser

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Moituriser for Normal to Combination Skin.
I have scaled the shelves of skincare retailers in three different continents and cannot find a better moisturiser for my hyper sensitive face. My skin suffers the predicament of being Sahara dry in some places and oil slick greasy in others and this appeases both complaints. I have used this in the dry heat of Africa, the heavy humidity of Japan and the multiple seasons in one day of London and it has not let me down.

It has such a lovely light whipped texture that is just wonderful to use.

The Squeakiest Clean

Cow Brand, Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap Bar.
This smells wonderful! WONDERFUL!

This soap contains a high level of premium quality Japanese green tea and it really does clean well without the paint stripper effect. It is rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen and after 4 months of continual use I find that it has brightened and smoothed out my skin

The soap comes with a foaming net that when used produces dense and luxurious elastic foam.

I bought a few of these in Japan when I was last there but have seen them on Ebay too. Failing that, you could contact A Pop of Kawaii for a quote on a custom Purchase.

Truck Loads of Treats

I stock up on Asian sheet masks throughout the year so that when winter hits, I am readily armed. I tend to use 4-5 a week at this time of year. I find that it really boosts my skin’s resilience to the blustery cold and the parching dryness of central heating. My certain favourites this year have been from My Beauty Diary and Face Q.

Skin SOS

Guerlain Midnight Secret Late Night Recovery Treatment
Being an Old Cow. It really does show when I do not get my full 40 winks beauty sleep! This stuff is a great little boost to help my skin look alive after little sleep and during long flights.

Sunnies for the Skin

Sofina Beauté Day Protector SPF24
I really like the Sofina sun lotions. Like most Japanese facial sunscreens, this leaves a minimal white cast and it sinks into the skin effortlessly. I tend to alternate between the SPF 24 and 50 depending on where I am. The other good thing about this range is that you can get “fresh” or “moist” versions to suit your skin type. Available from Adam Beauty here.

Wicked Spot Elimination

Nexcare 3M Acne Dressing.
These are my HG enormous spot elimination helpers. Actually not just mine, Hiro’s too.

If you are the type of person that gets weird “fing” about picking scabs or busting your spots etc then this might be right up your alley!

They are essentially small clear round stickers that when applied to your just washed spot, draws out all the inky white stuff and leaves behind a dried up nothingness instead.

I use these over night when I get a whopper of a zit. These acne dressings are available from Adam Beauty here. They are cheap as chips so definitely worth a go.

What have been your favourite skincare items in 2010?