Worship’s Gift Ideas

I am bad for my wallet and yours too!


I am good with random gift and festive entertaining ideas so here is what came off the top of my head this Friday:

A delightfully floral kit of useful stuff for practical ladies or girlish boys? Available at Purves & Purves.

Why not decorate your candles with some rusty wings? Available from here.

Everyone needs plates!! Shelf have these great offerings from that jolly clever Rob Ryan.

You don’t have a Wii to satisfy your festive competitive streak then why not take a look at these skittles from MUJI!

Aren’t these the most darling place card holders? We don’t bother with such things at our’s over Christmas but if you do, you can grab these from Fortnum & Mason.

Got something to say to someone? Not sure how? How about a candle from D.L & Co. The one above is called Brothel and you can get it in store from Selfridges.

Adopt a monster from Noodoll

Put on your own show. Available from MAIDEN.

Arm yourself against mistletoe mishaps! Available from Selfridges.

Now there you go! Don’t say that I never give you any silly ideas!