Why Do I Blog?

Why do you blog?

What is your blog about?

Are a few frequently received questions in my mail box and in fact in person. Seeing that I have managed to forget everything that would allow me to do a more interesting post for you today at home, I thought that I would kick off the week by tackling these questions.

I started this blog because everyday-ness can suddenly become so claustrophobic.

This blog is about making life a little less ordinary.
It’s about encouraging others to give into a daydream or twenty.
It’s about appreciating the all too familiar little details in our lives in all their quiet glory.
It’s about learning new things and remembering forgotten things.
It’s about making our own magic rather than waiting for some enchantment to fall into our laps.
It’s about far off places and our own back yards.
It’s about turning shit into gold and looking life right in the eye.
Its about finding new meaning and new ways to see.

Each time I get am email from someone that has found some kind of inspiration from my blog, I get such a buzz!!

Thank you new followers for becoming “residents” in the House of Worship Blues.