Turn Left at The Juction

I took the day off work today and I haven’t done very much with my time off.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

One thing that I did do is make my way down to the Dalston Oxfam to drop off some stuff that I have been working on. I think that they were terribly nice of them to take in my handmade fings and not send me off packing!

I made a few clip frame purses out of some Japanese Fabric remnants. The badges were made with some Washi Origami paper that I have been collecting over the past 10 years and the necklaces out of bits and bobs that were in my crafting box.

I hope that some of these things make someone happy!!

Dalston Oxfam Shop

514-518 Kingsland Road

It has been a bright but bitingly chilly day today and here are some sights that caught my eye on my mosey about:

Dalston Oxfam’s nice things

The shop with scissors and zips in the window.

Fallen sign

The shop with lots of Marys

The butcher with no meat.

Back home for a cuppa bush tea.