Où sont les étoiles?

They say:
“Neon lights have a double pollutive effect – they waste electricity, and through their luminosity, they prevent us from seeing the stars

They are: Clan du Neon. A band of French instigators bent on running around Paris (and other major cities) at night with the sole intention of switching off unnecessary neon lights. Sound odd? It’s rather comical, do watch the vid!

We Think: They are bloody brilliant.

I want to join this worthy revolution! Switch off those blasted neon glares. I am no tree hugger and while saving the planet and all is well and good, what actually appeals to me is the thought of seeing the stars over London. Imagine that! I want to gaze upon the stars once more!

Food for thought:

No surprises who our biggest light polluters are.

I think I practice my Clan du Neon moves by switching off all the office lights in my block in the City of London whilst listening to this. Now just hope that I don’t get arrested.

As this post relates to Hiro’s occupation, here are some thoughts from one of his lighting heavyweights: Why Dark Matters

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