Never Fully Dressed

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a lovely little stall selling wistful looking floaty garments in Spitalfields Market. The name of this purveyor of dream-full bits is: Never Fully Dressed.

I know that I have no business buying sheer shirts at this time of frost-bitten year but I couldn’t help myself.

I like to defy the seasons…

To my own detrement.

One painted foot. No Idea why I do this.

The stillness and the blur.

Lazer eyes.

I wear a Russian Ruble.
The necklace that I am wearing is actually a Russian antique gold Ruble that dates back to 1899 and is a cherished gift from my Father-in-law. This was bought by his grandmother on her first visit to London many many years ago. She took 5 back to Japan with her and I am the proud owner of the last remaining one.

Sheer shirt from Never Fully Dressed
Pleather panel leggings from Topshop
Bowler from local charity shop
Burn out bodysuit (underneath shirt) from 6ixty8ight
Finger nail polish Zoya “Pasha”
Lipstick “jean queen” by Lipstick Queen
Hint of blush MUFE HD Blush #8 from Sakuras & Sunshine
Mask from South Africa.
LED Light Pole from Hiro’s freebies collection
Photos taken by Hiro.