My Cup of Tea

You must all know of my great love of tea already?

Of all the teas in the world Rooibos has to be one of my top favourites out there. I more than like it, I LOVE IT!

Rooibos is a South African Tea that is rich in anti oxidants and purported to have tension relieving and relaxation qualities. Rooibos is caffeine free and very low in tannin so can be drunk without milk. Skincare companies claim that it slows the aging process and and studies show that it boosts the immune system. So all in all…it’s brilliant stuff!

I have tried so many brands and blends of Rooibos this brand really has caught my fancy:

It is an unusual blend created by My Cup of Tea, a company that prides itself on purveying high quality full leaf tea contained within individually wrapped “bespoke crystal tea bags”.

Ingredients: Rooibos, lemon and dried apple pieces.

I really enjoy a cup of this at the end of everyday. It really helps me wind down and let go of a hectic day’s events.

My Cup of Tea’s Rooibos Apple blend is a well rounded, delicately fragrant and aromatic cuppa.
Rooibos is a naturally sweet tea without being syrupy or cloyingly so and this blend is no different which is another reason for me to like it.

I will certainly order this again.

I have had plenty of compliments on my tea cup. I blogged about it before here. This cup was designed by the very talented Reiko Kaneko , and was made in UK using fine bone china and detailed with 24K gold.

I am always on the look out for pretty tea cups but this has to be on of my favourites.

I am spending a long weekend with Hiro and a childhood friend of his. I haven’t a clue what we will get up to yet! What are your plans?